Day-of Wedding Planner? Month-of Wedding Planner?

May 6, 2021

We use a lot of different terminology in the wedding planning industry!  It can be confusing!  When clients come to us with their wedding planned including venue, vendors and design, they think they need a “day-of” wedding planner.  Yes they do! We will absolutely be there day-of to manage the details on your wedding day.  But this is a misnomer, because in order to be successful coordinating your wedding day, we need to prepare prior to your wedding day, which includes deep diving into what you have planned and connecting with your venue and all of your contracted vendors to understand their needs, plan the logistics and timeline!  Yes, legwork needs to be done BEFORE your wedding day!  Does this mean we start a month out, and therefore you need “Month-of” Wedding Coordination?  Maybe.  But for us, our work might even commence over a month out.  Call it what you’d like, but know that when you are ready to download us on your wedding plans and hand over your vendor contracts and details, we will be there with open arms to help you coordinate your day!  Don’t worry about how many days we will be working together before your wedding- we will commence our services once you have your venue and vendor team in place!  The sooner you can provide us with your planned details, the sooner you can relinquish the details to us, and relax and enjoy your celebration!

Feeling The Love

Photo by Salt Light Avo

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