Rain, Rain Go Away!

January 14, 2023

Here in Southern California, we get spoiled with our beautiful weather nearly all year long, so when rain shows up in the forecast, we literally freak out! Especially when we have a wedding!  Not really.  Instead, we plan!!  Here are some tips to help you survive rain on your wedding day:

  • Before you book your wedding venue, always understand what the back-up rain plan will be.  There should be no surprises with your venue should inclement weather occur and you have to proceed with the rain plan.
Photo By Chris Schmitt Photography
  • Check the weather daily, starting at least 2 weeks prior to your wedding.  This way, you will have enough time to make alternate plans/purchases.
Photo By Vild Photography
  • Keep your guests informed on your wedding website as to what they can expect on your wedding day.  This way, they can dress appropriately and wear the right shoes.
Photo By Vild Photography
  • Always keep the comfort of your guests top of mind and make your decisions accordingly.  This may include providing individual umbrellas, pashminas, rain ponchos, etc.
Photo by Christopher Todd Photography
  • Tenting is a big last minute expense and requires a commitment usually a week prior with the rental company.  Always check with your rental company for their drop dead commitment date.  Tents provide peace of mind and guarantee coverage for your guests.  However they definitely change the look of your wedding, and always look best with the added features including  velon-wrapped poles, nice interior lighting and maybe even some draping!
Photo by Mike & Sonja Photography
  • Other rental items to consider…adding market umbrellas over tables and bars, increasing the number of heaters in the area and setting the tables and chairs, and then covering them with plastic wrap so that they stay dry before guest arrival.
Photo by Vild Photography
  • Have your Groom, a Bridesmaid or your Coordinator follow you around during photos with an umbrella so that you stay as dry as possible throughout the day!  We always put a bridal attendant with our bride so that they can help keep our bride as dry and clean as possible!
Photo by Mikki & Sonja Photography

They say rain is lucky on your wedding day!  So always remember to keep your chin up and welcome it as part of your unique wedding experience.  It might not be what you envisioned, but with a positive attitude, it will add to your memories and result in some beautiful photos too!

Photo by Vild Photography
Bride and Groom dancing in the rain.
Photo By Vild Photography
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