5 Must Have Getting Ready Photos

November 9, 2020

It is important to communicate your photography vision with your wedding photographer by preparing a “shot list” detailing key photos you desire.  Here are 5 Must Have Getting Ready Photos to consider…

The story of your wedding day begins with your invitation!  Make sure to include a photo of your full invitation suite, which sets the tone of your day (and your album, if doing one).  Consider a more detailed “flatlay” where you bring in a backdrop or tray, flowers, and/or special elements to photograph with your invitation.

Photo by Katie Edward Photography

Just like your wedding gown, you probably have hand-selected a special pair of soes for your wedding day!  From Jimmy Choos to Badgley Mischkas, it’s important to request a few photos of your shoes from your photographer…one photo of them off…and one photo of you putting them on!     Photo by Jessica Claire Photography
Photo by Lin & Jirsa Photography

One misconception is that the photographer will be present & taking photos during the ENTIRE hair & make-up service.  They may be in the room, but they should be shooting your personal items!  The photographer usually starts shooting the Bride at the tail end of her hair & make-up services… at that time you are picture perfect, and it is almost like a mock up shot, where you are capturing the moment to help tell your wedding day story- but you look great putting on the finishing touches!  
Photo by Mark Brooke Photography

Your wedding gown deserves to be in the limelight before you put it on!  Hang it up and let it shine!  Any gown details including a customized hanger should be included on your shot list!  Make sure you also get a photo of you with your gown!

Photo by Christopher Todd Studios

Photo by Christopher Todd Studios

Documenting every move you make is important to help tell your “Getting Ready” story!  From zipping up your gown, to putting on your jewelry & veil…these are special moments you will want to photograph!  Make sure to have your special family members or bridesmaids assist you in these moments…it makes for some fun photos!

Photo by Chris Schmitt Photography

Photo by Splashes of Time Photography

We have many more Photo Must Haves to share! We’d love to connect with you to learn more about your wedding details, and offer you some photo suggestions to help build your shot list!  We don’t want you to miss out on capturing important details of your signature wedding day!

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