The Countdown

This morning in my workout, I was driven by the 10 second countdown, knowing that once I hit 0, I would be “free”…free to exhale, free to feel my morning accomplishment, free to move on with my day!  I realize I am very driven by the 10 second countdown…for example, every New Year’s Eve, as I count down to the new year (and to my birthday at midnight), I love that feeling of closure to the old and in with the new…the excitement for what is to come, feeling motivated, refreshed, grateful and ready to conquer the world!  As a Planner, there are two distinct countdowns we encounter in a wedding…The first countdown is right before the bride goes down the aisle. It is a silent 10 second countdown, where I let the music kick in, and I remind my Bride to relax her bouquet in her arms, take a deep breath, and really take in the moment and her surroundings.  After the countdown, the Bride walks down that aisle, marking their new beginning; their new journey as husband and wife.


The other wedding countdown is right before we open the Reception doors to unveil the magic.  Again, another silent countdown, but in those 10 seconds, the music commences, the lighting is perfected, the banquet staff positions, and my team is at the doors ready to welcome the guests in for a spectacular evening!  Once those doors open, the guests enter the experience…and the celebration begins!  Our Bride & Groom’s grand entrance into their wedding vision brought to life and enjoyed by all!

Photos by Austin O’Brien Photography