Signature Photo Idea: Ready to be flirty and have fun?

How fun would it be to pose for a day as a glamorous pin up model?  This signature photo makes an original and sexy wedding gift to give your future husband! Or how about spending a fun day with your bridesmaids getting all dolled up “retro-style” for a photo shoot???

Photo courtesy of Ambitious Misfit
Photo courtesy of Ambitious Misfit

Frame the photo as a way to thank your bridesmaids for being in your wedding… a memento they are sure to cherish for many years to come! Planning a vintage-inspired wedding? Consider retro-looking engagement shots and set the tone of your wedding by using the photos to create vintage Save The Date postcards!
Photographer Collette leverages her exceptional talent and brings to life beautiful, creative, vintage photos that will leave you feeling like a star! Check out Ambitious Misfit (www.ambitiousmisfit.com) for more details. Let her know A Signature Wedding sent you!