A Hidden Treasure In Malibu


Welcome to Saddlerock






I had only heard about Saddlerock Ranch, and finally got the opportunity to check it out (twice in one week!): first at the ISES event which was held in the beautiful garden area, and then with my client who will be getting married at the Dome area in May.  This venue is stunning!  A secluded winery in Malibu, that transcends you to  a picturesque scene of serene valleys and trails, coupled with archways of flowing trees and  a spacious garden.  Oh, and the fun animals that greet you on your way in and out!  A definite consideration for those looking for rustic charm… or those who want to enjoy some wine!  BTW: Their wine tasting room is open everyday!!! (malibufamilywines.com)



Lemons & Gingham: A Signature Combo

I had the pleasure of working with an amazing couple, Peggy & Ryan, to execute their signature wedding in June at the Heritage Museum of Orange County.  Yellow seeped through this wedding with perfection, and every time your eyes spotted it, you just smiled!  Tables were splashed with luscious centerpieces sprouting from sliced lemons; yellow hanging lanterns created a casual, fun ambiance, and the beautiful yellow cake (made with love by Peggy’s Godmother) was quite an attraction!  From the funky argyle socks that the groomsmen wore, to the distinct bouquets of each of the bridesmaids (kudos to the talented Bella Blooms), not one detail was left to the imagination! Ok…but there was one quirky detail that defined our bride: her red slippers!  Some photos of this amazing wedding have been posted on Sargeant Photography’s Blog–  (and they look amazing so please check them out) as well as on Jay’s Catering blog– their AWESOME caterer’s who creatively carried yellow & lemon throughout their delicious food & displays.  Please check back soon because I’m told that my professional photos of this wedding should be arriving soon and I’d love to share more with you!!!



A Signature Wedding Blog Launches

I am excited to announce the launch of my new BLOG!  I had been practicing entries while my blog was in development (thus the previous entries), but now that I’m live, I hope to become the avid blogger!!!  My goal is to provide you with new ideas, insights, and inspiration, that will aide you in your wedding planning journey. I’ll also share some of the signature ideas that have been brought to life at my client’s beautiful, unique weddings!   I hope you enjoy what’s to come and look forward to sharing my passion of wedding planning and many signature details with you! BUEN PROVECHO