Congratulations Angelica & Everto!

Just had to share these beautiful teaser shots of Angelica & Everto’s wedding that took place at the prestigious Monarch Beach Resort. Trinity Wheeler captured every fine detail of their stunning wedding day and didn’t miss a beat! From the glamorous florals by My Wedding Blooms, to the rockin’ music and ambiance created by Invisible Touch, Angelica & Everto beamed and indulged all night long in their signature wedding!

Photos by Trinity Wheeler Photography.



Happy Thanksgiving

With vintage design a hot wedding trend, Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to leverage this direction.  This Thanksgiving, create a beautiful tabletop inspired by your Grandma’s antique china; consider incorporating colored jars or utilizing vintage-like materials such as burlap, brown string, tweed and wheat!  Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing….

Photo Credits:
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fall leaves bouquet: by Gavin Wade Photography via heavenlybloomsblog.com <http://heavenlybloomsblog.com>
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dinner table: by Gavin Wade Photography via heavenlybloomsblog.com <http://heavenlybloomsblog.com>



How To Get Fit & Feel Beautiful Before The Big Day

With your big day ahead and the excitement of getting into your wedding gown, the thought of losing weight or wanting to get more toned may have crossed your mind.   I had the pleasure of recently interviewing Dr. Sabrina Segal, an expert in personal training and helping brides achieve their fitness goals, and this provides her great insights:

Monique: What (3) key recommendations do you have for brides who want to lose weight before their wedding day?

Dr. Sabrina Segal’s Response:

#1: First and foremost, you must have a clear, distinct mental image of how you see yourself on your wedding day. The most important component to a fit lifestyle is the power of motivation and a healthy attitude. My personal tip is to find a bride in a magazine (or maybe even the model for your wedding dress) and post that image up on the fridge, cupboards, everywhere you can think of where you will see it every day and be reminded of your goal. This will keep you focused and excited about the reason behind all of your hard work.

#2: Make small, measurable goals prior to your wedding and use objective ways to track this the entire time (weight, measurements, clothes size changes). At the end of each mini goal, reward yourself and take pride in your work. Use something non-food related like a manicure, or a massage, or a day at the spa with your girlfriends. Most people quit fitness programs prematurely because they become overwhelmed with the end goal and it seems too far away. Take pride in every step throughout this journey.

#3: Most importantly, focus on healthy eating and find a form of exercise that is so much fun that you start to look forward to it. As a bride planning her wedding, this can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Exercise research has been shown to alleviate stress, particularly if it is fun and you enjoy it. When you start to look forward to exercising you automatically stay motivated and have a lot of fun in the process! Plus that endorphin high can start to get addicting!

Monique: I have brides who want to just “tone up” for their wedding.  What is your recommendation?

Dr. Sabrina Segal’s Response:

The single least utilized (especially by women) way to burn more calories is to build more muscle which dramatically increases metabolism with a spike during recovery. I want to stress here that as a scientist and someone who has researched weight training, you will NOT bulk up if you are a woman! You can actually lift a lot heavier than you think you are capable of, and you will only get tighter, smaller, and leaner as a result. I have the research to prove it. For brides who do not want to lose weight, but simply tone up, you can do this easily by adjusting your diet to include more protein and complex carbohydrates and slightly increase your calories with healthy food.

Focus on the largest muscles such as legs, gluts, hamstrings, back, and chest (always balanced with core or abdominal work).  The ideal exercise for lower body in women is the “hip sled” because it targets the largest muscles and it is very easy to do safely. Muscle failure is the point at which your muscles cannot lift the amount of weight safely without sacrificing form. Focus on muscle failure in 4-12 reps.  You should definitely use a personal trainer when you first start and always use a spotter for safety.

Monique: Once the wedding is over, how do you maintain your motivation and healthy lifestyle?

Dr. Sabrina Segal’s Response:

The key to maintaining any fitness result long term is to find nutritional guidelines that are easy and exercise that’s fun. With exercise, variety is important even for maintenance. Form a belief that you can enjoy eating healthy, but that you can also enjoy treats on your diet and take breaks from your workouts and bounce back quickly to the weight you want to maintain. Think of your “diet” not as something restrictive with rules. Think of it simply as the recipe for fuel that you put into your body to get the optimum performance out of life. Believe that you can find fun exercise activities that don’t seem like work and do them habitually.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you first need to define the health you want.  Next understand what foods will help your results and which will destroy your hard work.  Define your maintenance goal and know that it is normal to fluctuate around that goal but know that you will dedicate yourself to maintaining that goal.  The body is not stagnant.  EVERYONE, even pro athletes, models, bodybuilders fluctuate. That might mean working out once per day or every third month to maintain your results within the range you want.  For women I have discovered that the single most important factor in terms of less work required for fitness maintenance is the amount of muscle they have in their bodies. So ladies, it’s time to get past the fear of bulking up and let muscle be your best investment to health, more confidence, and a leaner you that is easy to maintain!

For more information OR to schedule a consultation and get on the road to achieving your fitness goals, please visit Dr. Sabrina Segal’s website at www.fitandbeautifulbride.com

Get motivated now and look & feel beautiful both inside and out on your wedding day!  Serving Orange County & Beyond!

Photo: Dr. Sabrina Segal in action!



Hot off the camera…Beautiful Engagement Photos!

Just had to share a sneak peek of Christina & Christopher’s amazing engagement photos shot by the talented Frank Salas. Besides being totally cute photogenic couple…Christina & Chris did it right… they chose to shoot with backdrops that have a lot of meaning to them and coordinated wardrobe that really complimented their backdrop, each other, and their wedding colors. Can’t wait for their big day in April at Dove Canyon Country Club! Stay tuned!